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CXO300_TMI-06 News | Diesel Outboard Engine | TMICOX

CXO300 Demo Boat in Singapore

 This is also the first vessel with the CXO300 in Southeast Asia. 

20210527_-_Boating_Award-01 News | Diesel Outboard Engine | TMICOX

COX Powertrain receives Boating Industry's 2021 Top Product Award

CXO300 emerges as the winner among 250 submissions received by Boating Industry.

The CXO300 receives BSO-II certification to operate on Lake Constance, Germany

Cox Powertrain’s CXO300 diesel outboard engine has received the Lake Constance (Bodensee) emission approval (BSO-II) which grants permission to operate on the picturesque Lake Constance, a highly regulated lake primarily belonging to silent boating and water sport activities.